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Fog and Nature

Terms of use


FRESCOS is developed in partnership between CDC Group plc, Finnfund, the Dutch Entrepreneurial Development Bank FMO, Swedfund, and Simosol Oy (merged to AFRY Management Consulting Oy on April 2022).

  • CDC Group plc (located at 123 Victoria Street, London SW1E 6DE) is registered in England and Wales under company number 3877777

  • Finnish Fund for Industrial Cooperation Ltd. (Finnfund) (located at Porkkalankatu 22 A, FI-00181 Helsinki, Finland) is registered in Finland under company number 0356880-6.

  • The Dutch Entrepreneurial Development Bank FMO (located at Anna van Saksenlaan 71, 2593 HW, ‘s-Gravenhage) is registered in the Netherlands under company number 27078545.

  • Swedfund International AB (Swedfund) (located at Drottninggatan 92-94, P.O. Box 3286, SE-103 65 Stockholm) is registered in Sweden under company number 556436-2084.

  • AFRY Management Consulting Oy (AFRY) (located at Jaakonkatu 3, 01620 Vantaa) is registered in Finland under company number 2302276-3.


User means the individual accessing the FRESCOS website ( or the FRESCOS web application (, or the company, or other legal entity on behalf of which such individual is accessing or using the Service, as applicable.

In the sections below, the term ‘FRESCOS’ refers to the combination of both the FRESCOS website ( and the FRESCOS web application (

Intended Purpose of FRESCOS

FRESCOS provides a publicly available web-based calculator for calculating carbon sequestration values of forestry and agroforestry projects. The website includes information about the associated methodologies, user guidance, and information about the collaboration partners of FRESCOS. Both the FRESCOS website ( and the FRESCOS web application ( are owned and maintained by AFRY.

User Rights

As a user of FRESCOS, you can share the content presented and produced on the website and in the tool in external online communities and services in accordance with these terms of use and the separate terms of use applied to them by third parties. If the user shares content outside FRESCOS, AFRY shall not be responsible for accuracy or completeness of the data towards any third parties. Further, AFRY is not responsible to ensure that the user can share data that is subject to the terms of use of third parties.

The content, images, and logos in FRESCOS are the property of AFRY or its collaboration partners and protected by copyright, unless otherwise specified.


Immaterial Rights

AFRY owns the property rights to the existing content in FRESCOS, except for the material produced by third parties or the users, to which AFRY only has user rights. The copyright and other rights related to third-party material on the site belong to the authors of the material or the holders of registration.


AFRY holds the user rights for all the material produced with the FRESCOS application. Intended purpose for such material is limited to product development of the tool and advertisement purposes. All materials will be highly aggregated and anonymized before use. Such material includes, for example, monitoring of the total hectares and tCO2 calculated with FRESCOS across the whole user base over a specific time frame. Any connection between the material and individual users, or any possibility to establish such, will not be made or communicated.


Errors and Omissions

The data and information that is readily available and used in FRESCOS have been compiled with the greatest of care. Nevertheless, we provide no guarantee of its correctness, completeness, or reliability, nor any guarantee that it is up-to-date, and it accepts no liability for losses which may arise from the use of this information.



We will not be liable to users or anyone else for any decision made or action taken in reliance on the information given by FRESCOS or for any consequential, special, or similar damages, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.



The access to FRESCOS is of unlimited duration. It may be terminated by either Party at any time with immediate effect and without need to give reasons. We shall be entitled to block a user's access to some or all services without giving its reasons and without advance notice.


External Links

In addition to the website maintained by AFRY itself, FRESCOS contains external links to sites that are owned or maintained by third parties. By following a link to a website, the user accepts the fact that the target website may not be managed by AFRY and that AFRY may not have the opportunity to affect the content of the material that is created or published on the site. Terms and conditions, which restrict the use of the site and which must be read before commencing the use, may be related to the linked website. AFRY shall not be responsible for any material contained by third-party websites. We do not guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, or completeness of any information on these external websites.


Use of Cookies and Visitor Monitoring

AFRY collects data on the users of FRESCOS with the aid of Google Analytics and cookies. Data is collected for advertising purposes and in order to develop the service and improve the user experience.

In order to be able to carry out the required monitoring activities, Google Analytics uses cookies, with the aid of which our website identifies User’s computer when User returns to this website or browses it. Via Google Analytics, AFRY collects general statistical data on the use of the website for the development of the service. Such data includes the number of visitors, country of use, time of use, and the used browser, as well as the content the visitor has viewed and the page via which the visitor has entered the service. With the aid of the data saved in Google Analytics, each individual visit on the site is registered, but no such data is collected which could be connected to natural persons.

Additional information on the Google Analytics program is available at

Cookies are small text files that are sent to the User’s browser, and they usually contain an anonymous identification number. Thus, the data saved in cookies is anonymous and the User cannot be identified on the basis of the data. Cookies do not damage the data terminal, either. Some of the cookies are related to the functionalities of the website, such as the management of the graphical or text-based version and the adjustment of font size, whereas some are related to the collection of statistical data on the use of the website. The social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) share buttons also set cookies, as do YouTube and Vimeo, since the website may contain embedded videos that have been published on those platforms.


Users are asked to select their cookie preferences when accessing the site. Users can select their acceptance for different types of cookies, such as marketing cookies, functional cookies and/or analytics cookies. Some cookies are considered essential for the use of the website, and therefore can not be disabled. Cookies can be also deleted by accessing the browser settings. Preventing any of the cookies may affect some functionalities and is thus not recommended.


Possible Changes and the Applicable Law

These terms of use are valid until further notice. Any changes made to the terms of use are always indicated on this page.


Finnish law shall be applied to these terms and any disputes arising in connection with FRESCOS or its content or use.

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